Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Huh? OK? End?

Contact Details:
Jeffrey A. Ellman
Ellman Enterprises, LLC
Phn: (219)776-4460
Eml: jeff@ellmanenterprises.com

Who exactly are you?
Let me begin with the basics! My name is Jeff Ellman.
Born and raised in “the region” of Northwest Indiana
by a working-class US Steel blue-collar family. For
the last 20 years I have worked with numerous
small-to-medium businesses in the area providing all
sorts of business services spanning the basics of printer
installation (IT Support & Service) all the way through
the complete redevelopment and implementation of entire
department/business processes (Business Consulting).
The modern business environment classifies my services
as “Consulting” although, in reality, I provide far more
assistance than merely a consultation.

Why are you so special? What makes you unique?
The answer is not easy, nor something I can fully
express in a single paragraph, but let me hit the major
points. I work with every client to understand their
business, history and most importantly their strengths
as well as the weaknesses. It’s in those weaknesses
we focus, while attempting not to disrupt the strength’s
of the operation! It’s not uncommon to identify the
shortcomings and resolve them quickly, often within real
life budget constraints. I have been listening and attending
to the needs, desires, and struggles of hundreds of happy
customers for over 20 years now. My primary goal is to help
in whatever way I can. Together we make certain my goals are
directly aligned with your goals.

What costs are involved?
Good news! You do not need a master degree in advanced
accounting to understand how my services are billed and/or
what you are paying for. Too often consultants/vendors
complicate this information to the point where it’s
almost hidden. However, I prefer to be up front. All
of my services are provided “as needed” to clients,
billed by the quarter hour at the rate of $105/hour
invoiced weekly. NEVER is consideration of your company’s
physical size, number of employee’s, computer count,
or EBIDTA taken into account. I believe you should only
be charged for products or services provided! Unlikely
many of my competitors, I do not punish my customers for
being successful and growing. You are in complete control
of your own investment and how or when you’d like to utilize
my services. What more could you ask for?

Where exactly do you service in “the region”?
All of my services originate out of Crown Point, Indiana.
I prefer to physically be “onsite” when providing services
to customers. Maintaining a physical presence around the
building allows a better understanding of not JUST the
mechanics, processes, and issues but also the personalities
of the actual people involved. This is KEY to providing a
solution specific to your needs with your current staff taken
into consideration. Current coverage area includes Lake,
Porter, Jasper, and LaPorte County. I’ve worked on many
projects in Chicago and Indianapolis area as well.
I am very flexible when it comes to location requirements.
Of course,Remote Support is also available on demand!

When do you work? What are your business operating hours?
My services are commonly provided Monday through Friday 8am
to 5pm. However being an outside consultant, my schedule
varies and is flexible far beyond those time frames.
Objectively, I work when there is work to be done. My
business has no set hours and I’m available to you when
you need me. It’s that simple.

How do your customers get serviced?
My direct cell phone (above) is available to everyone! There
is no “account manager” to play middleman or delay you from
being serviced. No “automated attendant” or “call tree” to
struggle with while trying get assistance. There are
absolutely no “tickets” that need to be filled out! I
believe utilizing ANY service should be as EASY as
possible for my client’s. You should get service
quickly, cost effectively, and should expect nothing less.

HUH? Why on earth does your website look like this?
It’s simple, effective, and efficient. Bells, whistles or
“dog & pony shows” are not my way of doing things. Most
visitors to this site are looking for quick & easy answer
to the basic questions about my services. My website is
designed for this exact purpose. Do you have a question
not answered above? Please, feel free to call me! I’m
happy to discuss your situation and assist in whatever
way I can.

Ok! Can you provide customer references?
It’s highly likely you already have spoken with
someone about my services. I do not advertise or send
out mass-mailers. I do not spend my time making
“cold calls" or pushing my services on local businesses.
100% of my current clients came direct from referrals
of happy customers. I plan to keep it this way.
With that said, it’s likely you’ve already spoke with
a current or prior customer of mine or you would not
have found this website. I am happyto provide as many
customer eferences you’d like (upon request). I work with
such a vast variety of businesses that it would be
helpful to know your line of work so I can provide
proper references in similar industries.
Give me a call and let’s discuss!

The End! You haven’t called yet?
This question is for you… You’ve made it to the very
bottom of the worlds most basic website on the Internet!
Obvious you are interested in knowing more, so give me a call
at (219)776-4460 or send me an email and let’s start
a conversation!

Thank you!


-Jeff Ellman

(Last Updated Dec.2019)